Frightening Females of Folklore

30 October 2017

Admissions Assistant Laurie tells us about some haunting figures from history as she uncovers the frightening females of folklore

That Yellow Building

We recently caught up with Laurie, who works in the admissions team at the castle, to find out more about…

Why we love Stirling Castle!

We’ve been nominated for the UK’s Most Popular Castle and we would absolutely love to win this!

The Great Big History Weekend

This weekend at our magnificent castle, join us to celebrate, history, heritage and archaeology.

Become part of the castle family

Our colleagues Kirsty & Shaun are on hand with lots of helpful advice on what to expect at our recruitment open days.

Heads, Harps and Hidden Secrets

Written by respected Scottish Harpist Bill Taylor, he recounts one of the biggest discoveries at the castle in centuries.

A Historic Year for Scotland

Each themed year focuses on highlighting Scotland’s most attractive features and hospitality to visitors from near and far and 2017 is the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

Holding the key to Scotland

Join us this weekend as we travel back in time to 1651 and experience life under siege, reliving the last time Stirling Castle fell to an enemy.

Third time’s the charm

Stirling Castle shortlisted for the Best UK Heritage Attraction in this year’s British Travel Awards.

Echoes and Traces

Echoes & Traces is a world premiere concert tour of new choral works, developed in response to a 900 year old plain-song fragment from Orkney that celebrates St Magnus: Nobles Humilis.

Hearing is believing

Paul Belmonte from Deaf Action Scotland, explains how he prepares to convey the story of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ for a signed performance at Stirling Castle.